JPMorgan Chase’s Investment in Detroit to Reach $150 Million

Pace of Detroit’s progress allowed firm to accelerate initial $100 million investment and make valuable impact on the city’s recovery

Detroit partnership trains people for patient-care jobs

Detroiters interested in the health care field will have access to entry-level training and job openings through a new initiative city officials announced Thursday.

Program to train apprentices for water authority jobs

A 3-year apprenticeship program will train workers for jobs as electrical instrumentation control technicians with the Great Lakes Water Authority.

Knight and Fisher Foundations grant $250,000 to nearly 40 community groups throughout Detroit

Community leaders and organizations in Detroit have been emboldened recently with the announcement of two grants totaling $250,000.

The Intersection: Focus: HOPE CEO Talks Tackling Poverty in Detroit

FOCUS: Hope was one of the organizations founded after the 1967 uprising in Detroit. It’s focused on racial healing and economic opportunity in Southeast Michigan.

Effort seeks to train unemployed Detroiters for green jobs

DETROIT (AP) — A collaborative effort seeks to provide more unemployed Detroit residents with job training and placement related to work in a host of green careers such as urban agriculture…

Newly appointed CEO of Focus: HOPE, Jason Lee, talks Father’s Day plans

Newly appointed CEO of Focus: HOP,E Jason D. Lee, is making waves in Detroit. The former executive director of the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program was selected out of 200 applicants by Focus: HOPE’s board of directors to become the next CEO,…

Focus: HOPE Names New CEO

Jason D. Lee has been named the new CEO of Detroit-based Focus: HOPE, a nonprofit that has developed numerous programs in efforts to overcome racism, poverty and injustice, including food, career training, and community development programs.

Focus: HOPE packs up food and delivers to Senior Citizens during the Holiday Season.

Focus: HOPE and over 300 volunteers took to the Detroit community and delivered over 1,400 boxes of food to senior citizens in need for the Holiday Season.