Ready, Set Go! course enhances success in school and work

Ready, Set, Go! is a new program to give students the foundation to succeed in school and on the job.

This program is a requirement for enrolling in the career training programs.

You will:

Improve math and reading levels, if necessary. To take our advanced job training, you must perform at the 9th grade level or higher in reading and math.

Become a successful student. You will learn effective strategies for setting goals, time management, taking notes, study skills and tests taking. The course also focuses on the importance of communication skills as well as demonstrating a positive attitude and outlook.

Learn basic computer skills.

Prepare to be a successful professional. You will learn about social etiquette, work ethics, conflict resolution, teamwork, and other valuable information for new employees.

Develop financial literacy skills. Learn to manage your income, how to purchase a home or vehicle, how to get out of debt and avoid future debt.


Ready, Set, Go! Curriculum


Jump Start provides an overview of essential behaviors and skills needed to become a successful student. Students will study and rehearse techniques involving setting goals, time management, note taking, effective study skills, test taking strategies, and effective classroom behavior.  

Reading helps students improve their reading comprehension skills in order to prepare for post-secondary training and/or career fields. Students will receive direct instruction, guided practice and application of skills in multiple contexts. The course objectives include the following: identifying the author’s purpose, summarize information, applying critical reading skills and strategies, utilizing context clues, and projecting. A goal of this course is to improve each student’s TABE Reading score by at least two grade levels.

Mathematics is designed to help students improve their math skills by providing a review of essential mathematical content. Students will receive direct instruction and guided practice in the following topics: whole numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, percentages, and one-step algebraic equations. They will also be given a variety of application problems that will develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. A goal of this course is to improve each student’s TABE Math score by at least two grade levels.

Computer Literacy provides students with basic computer skills necessary for school and work. Students will learn various computer fundamentals which include a mouse tutorial, file and folder functions, email, and basic Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications. In addition, this course builds confidence in the area of technology which promotes growth towards future opportunities.

Financial Literacy is designed to provide students with an understanding of financial management. Students will learn how to create a personal budget by tracking income, expenses and banking transactions. Students will also learn about how to establish/ rebuild credit, avoid credit traps, and negotiate with debt collectors.