Get involved at Focus: HOPE -- You can make a difference!

There is nothing like getting involved in a non-profit to give you a fresh perspective on life!  You learn quickly how a little effort can make a big difference in your community. Whether donating time or money, your generosity is rewarded many times over.  At Focus: HOPE, we provide opportunities for volunteering and, of course, are appreciative of the donations that fuel our work.  Get involved in any way that you can.  You will find the rewards are endless.   For any volunteer activity, contact us at


Like all nonprofits, Focus: HOPE depends on the support of individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations, and others who believe in our civil rights mission. We invite you to join us in this important work.  Your support will help us open career opportunities for talented men and women, provide food to those who need it most, and help transform our community and its youngest residents.  If you visit our "Donate" section, you will find several ways to get involved.

Packing and Delivering Food for Senior Citizens

We have an ongoing need for volunteers to deliver boxes of nutritionally-balanced food to the nearly 10,000 low-income senior citizens who have no transportation or are otherwise unable to pick up food from our food centers. The monthly food deliveries are a massive undertaking – requiring numerous volunteers to pack food boxes and deliver them to seniors throughout Wayne , Oakland , Macomb and Washtenaw counties.

We make the volunteer process as flexible as possible. You can sign up as a group to pack food boxes at our Food Warehouse, which is located south of the Westside Food Center, 1300 Oakman Boulevard, Detroit 48238. Or you can adopt a senior citizen to deliver food to each month. Or you can show up on a Saturday morning and get a few boxes of food to deliver. Once you do it, you'll see why the need is so great – and why our seniors are so grateful for your generous donation of time.  To volunteer, call our Food Program at 313-494-4270 or email us at 

Tutoring Students

Our education and training programs are at the heart of our efforts to overcome racism and poverty. We always are looking for volunteers who can spend a little one-on-one time with a student who needs assistance with math, reading, and other academic areas. Consider sharing your expertise with a student who needs just a little focused attention to move forward in his / her studies.  

Work in a Focus: HOPE Department

We have a goal here of incorporating volunteers into every department on campus.  It's all about using our resources effectively.  A partial listing of volunteer opportunities is in the "volunteer" section of this web site. Contact our volunteer department for a complete list of departments and projects where your services could be utilized. Call 313.494.4270 to get involved.

Community Development Projects

Volunteers are essential to our neighborhood revitalization efforts! We enlist their help in a wide array of activities, from cleaning up parks and streets, to boarding up houses and cutting down weeds. It's all part of our efforts to strengthen the community around our neighborhood. Volunteers inevitably leave with a strong feeling of satisfaction after working on these projects.

Support our WALK

Each fall, Focus: HOPE coordinates a WALK that brings people from all over southeast Michigan to our campus. It is exciting to see people of all ages, races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds walking together in support of the fight against racism and poverty. The event typically attracts several thousand supporters – and requires assistance from dozens of supporters.  Call 313.494.4270 for details on how you can help make this event a success.