Director of Strategy, Planning, and Evaluation

Debbie Fisher

Debbie Fisher is Focus: HOPE’s Director of Strategy, Planning, and Evaluation.  She joined Focus: HOPE in 2002, leading Focus: HOPE’s community and economic development team for nine years and then serving as Director of the HOPE Village Initiative from 2011 to 2018 before becoming Focus: HOPE’s first Director of Strategy, Planning, and Evaluation. Debbie is responsible for building the organization’s capacity to track and learn from data, for developing tools to evaluate Focus: HOPE’s impact, and for forward-thinking planning to position the organization for the future. Debbie also leads the internal team that is working to build service excellence and stronger processes and procedures across the organization.   The motivation for her work is twofold: the importance of Focus: HOPE’s mission to overcome racism, poverty and injustice and the high value the organization places on servant leadership.

Before joining Focus: HOPE, Debbie worked for 11 years in various positions with the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department and for almost 5 years as an attorney with Honigman, Miller, Schwartz, and Cohn, focused primarily on public/private real estate development.  She holds degrees from King’s College, Cambridge; Harvard Law School and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. For over 33 years, she and her family have lived and worked in Detroit; she passionately believes in the future of the city of Detroit and the great people of this amazing city.