Our Mission

Recognizing the dignity and beauty of every person, we pledge intelligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty, and injustice. And to build a metropolitan community where all people may live in freedom, harmony, trust and affection. With special consideration for history, economic station, place, culture, faith, sexual orientation, gender, and race, we affirm this pledge. - January, 2024

Our History

In 1968, something important happened.

Father William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis

While the nation was divided over civil rights, courageous people stood up for what was right. Father William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis and a small band of determined people started a movement. They pledged intelligent and practical action to fight racism, poverty and injustice – and Focus: HOPE was born.

Over the years, Focus: HOPE has become a trusted community anchor. Our work is built on the idea that opportunity can change everything. For over 50 years, Focus: HOPE has continued to fight racism, poverty and injustice. Our mission today is as critical as ever. With passion, persistence, and you as a partner, we will continue the legacy of our founders. Together, we will make their work live on.

Father William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis
Focus Hope Historic March With Banner
Focus: HOPE

Our Impact

Each year, Focus: HOPE serves thousands of community members across Southeast Michigan.

Through our programs, we provide an intergenerational and holistic mix of services to help disrupt the effects of racism, poverty, and other forms of social injustice. For a more in-depth look at the work we do in our community, take a look inside our 2022 impact report, download it here.

Early Learning & Youth Development


Students enrolled in the early head start program


Students enrolled in the head start program


parents enrolled in doula and other support groups


youth were served through our After School Program

* All statistics are from calendar year 2022

Workforce Development and Education


Students Enrolled


Individuals become new homeowners and/or stabilize housing situation


2022 Economic Impact: $8,605,222

Food for Seniors


Community Partners


Older adults served each month

Generation of Promise


Participating Schools


Students Served


Youth Program Hours

Volunteer Support




Hours contributed by volunteers