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Focus: HOPE advocates for systems change, leverages community leadership, and braids racial equity into all it does.

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Race and racism are difficult to talk about not only because these are touchy subjects, but also because Americans have no common language for these issues. Focus: HOPE offers the below terms not as official definitions, but as explanations into what we mean as we attempt to move this important conversation forward.

Keep in mind that because much of what is listed below occurs on the unconscious level and because we are all—regardless of color—complicit in upholding white supremacy and racism, labels for people are not included. This list is intended to assist those who want to overcome racism rather than those who do not by focusing away from who is racist, and toward the way racism works, who benefits from it and who is currently harmed by it. We hope this is helpful.

Implicit Bias

Unconscious assumptions that result in favor or disfavor.


A system of advantage and disadvantage based on color.


Of a nature which supports or perpetuates racial disparities on interpersonal, systemic and cultural levels.

White Supremacy

Conscious or unconscious power, preference and privilege of white people at the disadvantage of other races.

People of Color (POC)

The nonwhite global majority.

Internalized Oppression

The appropriation of white supremacy by POC.

White Privilege

The range of advantages experienced by white people based on color.


Conscious commitment to struggle against racism, white supremacy and implicit bias.

Racial Equality

A deployment of resources and opportunities with special consideration for correcting historic and systemic hardships for people of color.

Color Blind

The state of pretending to see all races as the same and equal.


The conscious or unconscious distrust or disdain for Black people.

Generation of Promise

Generation of Promise is a flagship youth leadership program offered by Focus: HOPE non-profit organization that empowers high school juniors from diverse backgrounds across metropolitan Detroit to become advocates for equity and social change. Through immersive experiences in advocacy, equity discussions, and community engagements, participants uncover their own biases, challenge stereotypes, and forge lasting connections, preparing the next generation of leaders to drive positive transformation in their communities.

Benefits of Generation of Promise

  • Leadership Development
  • Increased Awareness
  • Community Engagement
  • Lifelong Connections

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Generation of Promise Student Testimonials

Generation of Promise Student, Class 33

youth leadership:
generation of promise

Generation of Promise is Metro Detroit’s premier social justice youth program.

It’s a high school junior program that supports a new generation of leaders who advance racial equity in Southeastern Michigan by developing expertise in key issues, forging friendships across race and culture and leading organizing and advocacy efforts.

Launching annually in the spring, Generation of Promise accepts applications from 15 high schools across southeastern Michigan to form a diverse cohort of about 60 new students.

Beginning with an overnight weekend retreat at Camp Copneconic during the summer, students engage monthly for a full school day through the course of the academic year.

They uncover their own hidden biases, learn to challenge stereotypes ad create change in society and make lasting connections and friendships.

As 12th graders, students can remain engaged and to serve as facilitators and leaders. Over 90% of Generation of Promise alumni go on to college.