26th Generation of Promise Class Graduates

The below is a social contract written on behalf of Focus: HOPE, Generation of Promise Class XXVI.

Division is another form of discrimination
Long past the time of scorching, sun soaked Southern
Separation has been centered into the streets of our
We have let asphalt borders breed apathy
and in our indifference our city was consumed by
Flames of hate and rage
Flames intended to burn down systemic subjection
But they only stoked fears of change.From the streets and divisions, we have risen
From cinders and ashes, we have risen
right along the rebirth of a city and a nation,
A generation of promise:
Minds and eyes open,
searching for education
seeing our diversification
We have learned the value of cooperating over
dreaming over despairing,
embracing over excluding
loving over loathing,Divided we may have come but united, despite it, we
We are more than what separates us
We are one
One whole heart beating with hope for humanity,
focused on a future we will change
We are the youth of today, sure, but we are also the
promise of the past, and the solution to the future
Our aim is to fulfill our society duty to seek justice,
diversity, equity, peace
We will not accept silently that which must be changed
silence begets not but isolation, ignorance, and
we will act, for others over self, to rectify injustices
Gone long witnessed and long unchallengedLet this be our illuminated manuscript, letters aglow,
message aglow
Let our full hearts be set ablaze, impassioned and
lighting Prometheus’s verdigrised torch;
He sits crossed legged, holding our spirit in one hand and
knowledge in the other
Knowledge given to all not just the few
Be you black, white, or brown—the flame will burn the
And brighter than any one pin prick of light is a sea of
lanterns radiating truth,
setting the city aflame once more;
This time a fire built from love and acceptance,
burning anew with the heat of salvation
burning down not but barriers
We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.

Generation of Promise brings together high school students from different backgrounds, races and ethnicities across the metropolitan area to build community and leadership skills. Students are encouraged to challenge stereotypes or misconceptions they hold and work to build relationships across divisions.

Sunday, May 6, 2017, more than 50 high school students successfully completed Focus: HOPE’s 26th Generation of Promise program. Fun fact; last year’s Harvard University’s Valedictorian was a Generation of Promise Graduate.

Congrats to all of the Generation of Promise Young Leaders who showcased their leadership and community building skills through this 10-month curriculum. Click here for more information about the program.

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