Focus: HOPE Spotlight: Teacher Appreciation Week

Focus: HOPE Spotlight: Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teachers Appreciation Week! We love our teachers at the Focus: HOPE’s Early Learning program and appreciate all the hard work they put in daily to give our children all the resources they need to thrive. In honor of all the life-changing teachers in the world, we want to take a moment to spotlight our AMAZING teachers and their accomplishments!



Meet Donna Horton

Ms. Horton is a Great Start Readiness (GSRP) teacher at our Center for Children. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art and in 2020, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.

What is she most proud of with her students? The progress they have made to be kindergarten ready.

“The partnership that the Crocodile room has formed with our parents to help get their children ready for kindergarten, is something that I hold dear to my heart. Most of the students are writing their names, sounding out words, reading sight words and have mastered letter sounds.”

Meet Jaimee Guider

Jaimee Guider works at the Center for Children as the Mental Health/Education Assistant.

Ms. Guider started at CFC as a parent and has since become apart of our staff! She started her education journey in 2018 getting her Child Development Associate Certificate and currently she is working on obtaining her Master of Social Work. Congrats Jaimee! Check out some of her accomplishments below:

  • Child Development Associate awarded in 2018
  • Associate Children and Families awarded in December 2020
  • Bachelor Early Childhood Studies awarded in June 2022
  • Master Social Work pending to graduate in 2025


Meet Angela Jackson

Ms. Jackson is a Home-Based Teacher here at our Center for Children.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science in 2021 and has since received a promotion here at The Center for Children. “This degree awards me a wider opportunity to advance within my profession… I am proud to have accomplished my goal of earning my bachelor’s degree in science.”



Meet Chinenye Brye

Ms. Brye is an Early Head Start Teacher at our Center for Children.

She is a proud mother, teacher, and a student. After earning her bachelor’s degree she then obtained her Masters of Arts in Education in 2019. She is now working towards earning her PhD in Special Education.



Meet Stephanie Kendrick

Ms. Kendrick is a Family Service Worker at our Center for Children.

“My goal as a Family Service Worker is to strive daily to establish trusting relationship with individuals and groups to make a difference on their lives. My goal is to equip our families with tools to help themselves. I want to continue to build relationships and partnerships with other people in the community.”

In 2020, Ms. Kendrick graduated with her master’s in social work. She also has a Graduate Certificate School of School of Social Work and her Board of Social Work Master’s Social Worker Limited License obtained in March 2022. Congrats Ms. Kendrick!


Meet Quevie Wells

Quevie Wells is a teacher here at our Center for Children.

Mr. Wells is currently the lead teacher in our CFC Obama room. In 2017, he received his Child Development Associate Certificate and began attending Rochester University. This year, he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He is also a T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship recipient

Fun Facts: Mr. Wells was first hired at Focus: HOPE on April 30, 2015. This year he graduated with his bachelor’s degree on the very same day, April 30! Congrats Quevie!


Congratulations to all our amazing teachers and staff!

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

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