Focus: HOPE’s Early Learning Programs Take Home Four Awards

Focus: HOPE’s Early Learning Programs, kick started the new school year by receiving four awards during the Thrive By Five, 2017-2018 Pre-service. Focus: HOPE is partnered with Thrive By Five Detroit, which brings Head Start services through the Early Learning Programs to pregnant women and children from 6 weeks, to five years old. The mission of Thrive By Five Detroit is to “strengthen families to create brighter futures for children.”

Focus: HOPE’s Center for Children is providing fundamental opportunities to prepare children for future life successes. These awards celebrate the accomplishments of the staff that bring so much to the program and families involved.

Focus: HOPE’s Early Learning Programs received:

  • Highest percentage of Dental completed 2016-2017
  • Highest percentage of Family Service Assessment 2016-2017
  • Highest percentage of Physical and Dental’s completed for 2016-2017
  • Highest percentage of Nutrition Assessment completed for 2016-2017

Each of these awards highlights the excellent work that Focus: HOPE’s Early Learning has created for their students by making their health and family a priority. Students entering the Early Learning Programs must have up-to-date medical and dental records submitted within 90 days of the child first attending the program, must have vision and hearing screening records submitted within 45 calendar days, and take part in a home visit to determine whether the child has access to health care within 30 calendar days.

“The Center for Children is also celebrating two more accomplishments this year,” said Waymond Hayes, Program Director, Early Learning Programs, Focus: HOPE. “Two new classrooms are opening on January 1st to open the doors to new students for years to come.”

Congratulations are in order for the Center for Children, which is continuing to foster academic growth and readiness in students, all while maintaining a four-star quality rating for the Head Start Program. Click here to learn more about Focus: HOPE’s Early Learning programs.


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