What’s keeping you focused on HOPE right now?

What’s keeping you focused on HOPE right now?

For me, it’s hearing stories of all the wonderful people coming together to support our community in so many different ways.

Below you can read about some of the people – volunteers, students, staff, and more – who have inspired me lately.

Hoping this brings a bit of hope and happiness to your day.

Wishing you health & safety,

Portia Roberson, Focus: HOPE CEO

Josh has been volunteering to deliver
food to seniors

Marcus has been volunteering to
pack food boxes for seniors

Higher Hopes & Gleaners distributed food to
our Early Learning families

So many Focus: HOPE team members,
including Michelle, have been going above
and beyond to continue serving families

Local chefs & culinary students teamed up to
provide meals at homeless shelters

We’re grateful for all who continue to do
essential work in the community, including
Focus: HOPE colleague Tommie & student

Find resources for your family at Covid313.org.
Please reach out to Stephanie
if you want to know more about how to help.

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