One Stop Charitable Giving

Make it Easier to Support the Causes You Love 

Your financial and charitable goals are a reflection of your commitment to support the future of your loved ones, charitable organizations you value, such as Focus: HOPE, and the greater community. But it can be difficult to keep track of the organizations you wish to support and the documents required to receive your benefits from charitable gifts.  

A convenient and easy way to organize your charitable intentions is to create a donor advised fund. 

Here’s how it works:  

  1. You open a donor advised fund with a written agreement at a community foundation or sponsoring organization.  
  2. You can make contributions to your fund at any time. These contributions are invested by the sponsoring organization, which provides regular accounting to you.  
  3. You make the recommendations that various amounts be distributed to charitable organizations of your choice, such as Focus: HOPE 
  4. You can turn your donor advised fund into a lasting legacy at Focus: HOPE by naming us as a beneficiary of your account. 

When choosing where to set up your donor advised fund, be sure to choose the sponsoring organization carefully. You’ll want to make sure the one you select supports your values. Take time to carefully read their policies and procedures and review their administration or investment fees 

How You Benefit from a Donor Advised Fund 

  • You qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you make a gift to the fund. 
  • You don’t have to retain records for each contribution. 
  • Families can build a tradition of giving by involving children in the decisions about what grants to recommend. 

Let’s Work Together  

If you would like more information on setting up a donor advised fund to support the work of Focus: HOPE to overcome racism, poverty and injustice, please contact us at 313-494-4409 or [email protected] 

The information in this publication is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor. Figures cited in any examples are for illustrative purposes only. References to tax rates include federal taxes only and are subject to change. State law may further impact your individual results.

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