Focus: HOPE Turns 55!

 55 years ago something important happened…


After the 1967 riots here in Detroit, Father William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis wanted to do more. In 1968, Cunningham, Josaitis and a small band of determined people started Focus: HOPE with one central mission at hand. Together they pledged intelligent and practical action to fight racism, poverty and injustice across Metro Detroit communities. And today our mission still remains the same. Through our programming, special initiatives and partnerships, and the support of our amazing donors we are able to continue to keep the dream of Father Cunningham and Eleanor alive and continuing to grow.


As we go into our 55th year of service, we want to send a very special and H U G E thank you to everyone who has been a supporter of Focus: HOPE for so many years and in part has become a part of the Focus: HOPE family! We are honored to have been a staple in the Metro Detroit community for so many years, and are looking towards the future for even bigger and brighter opportunities. Detroit is our home and we HOPE to continue to bring beauty into our community through our practical and intentional programming.


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