Meet Star Roland

HOPE Village Resident and AmeriCorps LISC Member

Meet Star Roland, a HOPE Village Resident and AmeriCorps member at Focus: HOPE. Star has lived in HOPE Village for four years and her daughters attend Joy Preparatory Academy and Center for Children. She has incredibly strong ties to Focus: HOPE and embodies what it means to be an active citizen in the community.

Currently, Star is the AmeriCorps VISTA Community Outreach Coordinator and on Monday, October 15th, she will start a new and exciting journey as the AmeriCorps LISC Community Safety and Involvement Coordinator. Her much deserved promotion is coming up almost a year after she began working here.

Her career with Focus: HOPE began as a volunteer after becoming involved with CDF Freedom Schools where her daughter was a student. This led to her being a part of the formation of the community organization HOPE Village Families. She was then recruited for the Community Outreach Coordinator position and continued her work with Focus: HOPE.

Throughout her time as an AmeriCorps VISTA, Star has successfully orchestrated a partnership with the Detroit Food Academy. This partnership is giving students the opportunity to learn how to turn their skills in the kitchen into a successful career and business. She also participated in the In Pursuit of HOPE documentary, which you can watch by CLICKING HERE. This documentary highlights the perspectives of HOPE Village residents as they discuss race, equity and progress since the 1967 Detroit civil unrest. Star’s work at Focus: HOPE has helped to build a stronger community by creating programs that are rooted in community engagement and involvement.

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