Center for Children 30th Anniversary

Our Center for Children at Focus: HOPE celebrated its 30th Anniversary on September 23rd, 2017. Throughout the years, our center has evolved from a daycare to an early learning center that hosts Early Head Start, Head Start & Great Start Readiness programs, as well as Freedom Schools and Doula and Breastfeeding services. The services our Center for Children offers has expanded exponentially since its start date, and provides an educational foundation for children ages 5 weeks to 5 years old.

“The programs have expanded since I have been here only one year,” said Erica Murray, the Parent Engagement Specialist at the Center for Children. “The Center for Children is opening up two new classrooms in January to enroll more children into our programs.”

Erica has helped further develop the Thrive by Five program and a new health care center on site. The Health Center houses a nurse practitioner that comes to the Center for Children once a week to meet supplementary medical needs of the students who are currently enrolled. Seeing these programs move forward and develop successfully helps to create a center where children can excel academically.

Each educational step through the Center for Children provides an academic foundation for children to ultimately set them up for both educational and life success. Teachers practice High Scope, a curriculum that helps kids prepare for kindergarten, where students learn their ABCs, numbers and walking in a straight line. Our Center for Children also provides a Home Base Program where teachers go to the toddler’s home and creates a plan to help kids under 3 years old learn and develop so they are prepared for head start.

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